WendysWantstoKnow [ Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey ]


WendysWantstoKnow: Wendy’s survey is strategy which meets customer feedback. The purpose of Wendy survey is to improve the food quality and services by using reviews of Talk-To-Wendy’s.


WendysWantstoKnow [ Wendy's Customer Satisfaction Survey ]


Wendy’s endure the work to find a home for every single child, out of which 130,000 are waiting in the North America Foster Care System.

Wendy’s signature charitable cause has started foster care adoptions since the year 1992. In the year 2019. Wendy’s has worked particularly hard to rally its clienteles around the cause through multiple national programs listed below:

  • National Adoption Night
  • Snap Cups for Adoption
  • Halloween Coupon Books
  • Frosty Key Tags
  • Restaurant Donation Canisters

These efficacious agendas, and the other initiatives taken by the company and its franchisees, Wendy’s has elevated more than 416 million for the foundation and has amplified its cause-marketing.

Rules to Participate in Wendy’s online Survey:

Before participating in online survey, the participant must aware of following rules of survey:

  • Residential proof:

The visited customer is having a chance to be a part of survey, but only condition is that he or she must a resident of the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico.

  • Age:

For being a participant of online survey, he or she should be 18 year.

  • Survey entry code:

On visiting the restaurant, the service team will give a purchase receipt to visited customer after the final food order on which the survey entry code is printed.

  • Redeem limitation:

After all completion of survey, one validation code display on screen. The user has to note down it. It is redeeming for her or him which will be use by winner within 7 days after announcements. The code is able to get free food or cash prize.

Survey includes:

  • Restaurant number.
  • Date of visit.
  • Time of visit.
  • Languages to be selected.
  • Terms of service.
  • Privacy policies of the survey.

Steps followed to complete Wendy’s survey:

  • Visit the official website of the Wendy survey which gives all details of survey on the first page.
  • Select language after going to the website and submit the 8-digit restaurant number at the start of the receipt.
  • Begin the survey- Tap on the Start button to start the survey. Ask a series of survey issues. Type the date of the visit to the outlet which is printed on the receipt.
  • Enter an Email address- Enter your active email address and answer the questions given carefully. Also, add some extra information if you want to.
  • Submit- User has to press ‘Submit’ button to finish an online survey.


This is a Survey of Customer Satisfaction. The aim of this study is to assist collect useful views and feedback from customers. This feedback will be used in the future to enhance facilities and customer experience. Coupon awards if you are not a member of any country.

Participation required an online media with an internet connection, you must have a nice functioning laptop or mobile.


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