Wendys Kids Meal Toy [ Current Kids’ Meal Toys – Wendy’s ]


Wendys Kids Meal Toy: Wendy’s has recently added a creative revolution to kid’s meal and their playing toys. At Wendy’s outlet, you can order a four-piece nugget meal with apple slices and milk for just $4.67. The same cost as kid’s meal offered by McDonald’s, but without the crispy fries. The chicken nugget tastes delicious along with well-seasoned breading. They needed to be dipped into Wendy’s special-made sauce to enjoy the real taste of fast-food items.

Also, the apple slices offered in the kid’s meal by Wendy’s are really impressive. They were of really good quantity compared to McDonald’s apple slices, which seems like real cut-up apples. Wendy’s kid’s meal bag was less artificially presented than McDonald’s boxes; the food items tasted much delicious and seem less processed as well.

Wendys Kids Meal Toy

On Wendy’s kid’s meal box, the third-largest fast-food restaurant chain after McDonald’s and Burger King, introduced their Transformers kid’s meal toys. Also, locations that have a shortage of kid’s meal toys are offering fun books for kids reading and fun activities. This uniquely designed kid’s meal box will not only take care of your kid’s hunger but also influence them to perform fun activities.

Wendys Kids Meal Toy [ Current Kids' Meal Toys - Wendy's ]

If you compare Wendy’s kid’s meal toy bag with ‘King Jr. Meal’ from Burger King, then you’ll be pretty much disappointed at the first impression. They are offering kids’ meal boxes with complimentary milk and applesauce. At different locations, the price may differ for Burger King Jr. Meal. However, their meal boxes are mostly available for $6.19, which’s much costly than Wendy’s kid’s meal toy bag priced at $4.67.

Also, Burger King’s nugget taste and surface seem dry and with sawdust texture breading. That might disappoint most kids in general. The size of their fries isn’t that good like Wendy’s and was even lack of flavor. Other kid’s meal deals at Burger King featured jelly sandwich, peanut butter pouch, small cheeseburger or hamburger, which is even popular among Americans. However, their kid’s meal isn’t much satisfactory, offered with an average looking emoji toy.

If you compare Burger King’s not too satisfactory kid’s meal deal, McDonald’s kid’s meal box was much better. The most popular fast-food restaurant chain’s four-piece chicken nugget comes with a small fry, yogurt or apple slices, choice of juice, milk or water, and a complimentary toy.

However, the best kid’s meal is offered by Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A kid’s meal featured with four-piece chicken nuggets, lemonade, small waffle fry, and a fun-reading book. But Chick-Fil-A kid’s meal price tagged at $5.95 i.e., $1.26 more than Wendy’s. Also, orange juice and other refreshing beverages are available at Chick-Fil-A’s outlet but will cost extra.

There’s a similarly between Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A’s kid’s meal bag, both the fast-food restaurants are offering ‘surprising’ adorable toys or books with every order. That’s right!

Current Kids’ Meal Toys – Wendy’s

Wendy’s has even dropped soda from the beverages on its kid’s meal, after bearing immense pressure from the public health-care department. They have already reflected the newly adopted changes on their menu boards and online delivery apps for Americans and Canadians. The updated drinks choice now listed for kids are chocolate milk, white chocolate milk, fresh juice, and packaged drinking water.

The third-largest fast-food restaurant chain has further stated that unlike other brands, soda was never preferred beverage options for kid’s meal bag. This indicates that kids and elderly people can no more buy soda-mixed drinks – as soda is no longer listed as a choice. However, on the kid’s meal bag, the option of frosty is present but with milkshake frosty version.

McDonald’s has already eliminated soda off its kid’s happy meal box in 2013, instead offering options like – chocolate milk, flavorless milk, or fresh apple juice with chicken burgers, hamburgers, and fries. Arby’s and Subway have even dropped soda off their kid’s meal boxes but Burger King is yet to take necessary action against offering fountain drinks for kids.

The following are common wild toys offered by Wendy’s at every kid’s meal toy bag purchase-

  1. Eagle
  2. Giraffe
  3. Gorilla
  4. Elephant
  5. Tiger
  6. Alligator

This strategy of gifting toys is the fifth initiative of smart-links that designed with an extra layer of excitement as every toy comes with a baby and adult animal! In general, there are six wild animal families to collect and play with for kids. If you’re not aware of this surprising gift before, then you must be looking forward to gifting your little one Wendy’s kid’s meal toy bag for sure!

About Wendy’s

Wendy’s was founded on November 15, 1969, in Ohio by Dave Thomas. It is the third-largest burger fast-food restaurant chain after McDonald’s and Burger King. Wendy’s is serving various delicious food items over 6500+ locations in America. Wendy’s signature dish is square hamburger patties that taste extremely delicious, flavored, and unique from burgers offered by other branded restaurant chains.

Wendy’s offering a wide range of food items to meet the hunger of fast-food lovers. Therefore, Wendy’s become much popular in various parts of America. Its TalktoWendys customer survey is also helpful that allows recently visited customers to share their ideas and recommendation for the quality of food and services.

The following are common dishes that are served at Wendy’s outlet-

  • Sea Salt Fries
  • Square Hamburgers
  • Chicken Sandwiches
  • Dave’s Sandwiches @ Special Order
  • Black Bean Burger
  • Single or Double Baconator
  • Frosty – Dessert or Shakes
  • Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy’s takes proper care of their customer’s whereabouts and give major attention to their satisfaction. It offers free gift vouchers to visitors that are to be redeemed within thirty-days timing. Also, free coupons at the completion of every online survey for the brand.

If you want to share your feedback that will help the popular fast-food restaurant chain to serve you with a better product, excellent services, and gentle behavior of staff, you need to visit their official website at www.wendywantstoknow.com.

In short, Wendy’s fast-food items aren’t only for an adult to meet their hunger but also for kid’s to support them eat healthily and offer ‘surprises’ with adorable toys and books to read. If you’ve yet not gifted your little ones Wendy’s kid’s meal toy bag, then hurry to grab the offer at the earliest.