TalkToSonic – Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey


Are you in love with the free drinks, you must know the survey program conducted by TalkToSonic? This survey conducted by the company to know the customer satisfaction by sonic restaurants.

What is talk to the sonic survey?

The SONIC survey is just like the survey taken by other companies. It is conducted to know the customer satisfaction from the services provided. This is a great tool to improve fast food products.


A customer can share the Sonic Complaints; it is simply a platform for the customer and Sonic team. The team listens to feedback and welcomes the comments of its customers no matter they are positive or negative.

Who can participate in Sonic Survey?

TalkToSonic - Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey

There are some rules that every customer needs to meet for attempting this survey.

  1. The participant must be 18 years old.
  2. The survey will be done only in English or Spanish.
  3. The last receipt to the sonic drive-in fast-food restaurant is mandatory for this survey.
  4. A receipt is valid only for 14-days.
  5. One receipt can be used to fill only a single survey.
  6. The coupons and rewards provided by Sonic can be redeemed only free drinks at the restaurant.
  7. Earned coupons can be redeemed within 60-days period. You need to visit Sonic in the next 60 days to redeem these coupons.
  8. To access the website you need a Smartphone/tablet/laptop or desktop.

How to enter into talk to the sonic survey?

Excited to get the free rewards? It is super easy by following the step given below just fill the survey honestly. Soon you will be able to see a significant improvement.

Collect the receipt

Go to any Sonic Store make a purchase and keep the receipt safe. Through this receipt, you will be able to enter the survey.

Visit the official website

Click the and enter which you find on the receipt.

Select the language

Now select the language in which you wish to fill the form of the survey. You can opt for English or Spanish.

Answer the questions

After selecting the language you have to answer all the questions in the survey. Make sure to give honest replies while filing the survey it helps to improve their services.

Save your code and done

Once you finish the above steps you will get a survey code for the reward. This code will be redeemed at the store and make sure you keep that safe.

Points to keep in while entering into the survey?

  1. You need to follow some rules filling out the Survey.
  2. The receipt is valid for one survey and you will get one prize.
  3. After making a purchase your receipt can be used within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  4. The code received after finishing the survey is redeemable within 60 days of the survey.
  5. Employees and workers of Sonic are not allowed to take part in this survey. Even any of your family member is working in Sonic you are not eligible for this survey.

Secret TalkToSonic Survey Hack?

You can get free ice tea or soda unlimited. Because you can enter into this survey as many times you like.  It is a great way to get free sodas as you like!

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How to send online feedback to Sonic?

Sonic allows you to leave your feedback on their official website. The contact form is ready to take your feedback and your questions. Please check the FAQ before you ask any question to Sonic. Steps to follow send feedback to the Sonic.

  1. Visit the official website i.e.
  2. Click the Contact Us option.
  3. Select the type of question or feedback.
  4. Give your feedback or question
  5. Submit what you have done.

Sending feedback is less typical as compared to TalkToSonic Survey.  Here you don’t require replying series of questions. You can simply choose the options Contact which is on the bottom section of the website.

About Sonic

Sonic was founded in the year 1953 was a Root Beer Stand founded by Troy Smith. It was the first drive-in restaurant in the USA. This was Smith’s fourth restaurant that came up with the idea when he came across the homemade intercom speakers.

Sonic is “extra-long cheese conveys” and “toaster sandwiches”.  A customer can order from its car using curbside speaker technology. This feature made the service super fast and made restaurant popular with a slogan “service at the speed of sound”.

Best items from Sonic Menu?

Sonic has more than 3500 franchises restaurants in the USA. Hamburger, sandwiches, French Fries, Onion rings, Corn dogs, Chilli dogs etc. are the favorite items of the people. At breakfast, you can order breakfast toasters, milkshakes etc.

The deserts like Sundaes, Banana Splits and salads are available 24×7. Pick any items from the menu all to have awesome taste.

What are the prizes and rewards from Sonic?

A survey participant will get free Sonic Route 44 drinks worth $2.59. The more receipts you get the more chances to win this prize. The restaurant offers not only mouthwatering food but also the quality of time laughter and smiles.

Working hours of Sonic?

From Monday to Friday the restaurant opens from 6 AM to 12 PM, Saturday timings 6 AM-12 PM and Sunday 7 AM-11 PM. It also offers happy hours which start from 02:00 p.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. During this period you can get drinks at half of its original price and snacks just 99 cents.


It is important to know the feed of customers that’s why Sonic Drive-in restaurants conduct the survey. This is about food, staff responsiveness, relation with customers, and general satisfaction with the environment of the venue.

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The survey is taken online so that the guest can enter into it without disturbing their busy schedules. It is very simple one can take it from any device like  Smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers.

A customer must answer the entire question honestly, as the responses given in this survey are considered seriously by the company.

This survey takes only a few minutes of your busy routine that’s it.  All the best!